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Daffodil Project


For Little Way, daffodils are symbolic of friendship and hope. After months of shorter, colder, darker days – aka: winter (a time in which Wisconsinites are all too familiar) – when the ice finally melts and the frost fades away, a daffodil in bloom is a reassurance of warmer, sunnier days to come. The daffodil is an Easter flower, ushering in a season of new life, abundant Hope and joyful celebration.

The Daffodil Project, born out of Little Way's imagination, exists to spread these tiny floral beacons of hope, appearing in nature for such a short window of time each year, around the Green Bay community as a token of friendship and joy for all who receive them. Each daffodil is produced by hand, with a prayer and a purpose – to uplift the human spirit. 

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